Tear Free Onion Chopping Tips

2 Oct

Here is a list of tricks that I have tried and tested over the years and a few I just heard about.

  1. Keep your onions in the fridge: this one works the best. When the onions are cold the tear causing fumes don’t seem to get sent into the air.
  2. Breath only through your mouth while chopping: this also usually works just so long as you remember to keep breathing through your mouth as it is kind of an unnatural thing to do.
  3. Don’t cut the root ends off the onion cut up to them. it does seem to help a little
  4. Hold a match in your mouth while you chop your onions. My grandmother swore by this one she said it was the sulfur that stopped the burning fumes.
  5. Wear goggles. It looks very silly but it makes sense that it works. I’ve never actually tried this one and I can’t remember who told me about it but I remember laughing about it.
  6. Turn on a fan. This makes sense. The fan will dissipate the fumes.
  7. Burn a candle where you are chopping. supposedly the candle will burn away the fumes being released by the onion. I haven’t tried this one yet but I certainly will the next time I have some chopping to do.
  8. Use a really sharp knife. This will disturb fewer cells holding the fumes.

I read somewhere that onion fumes are actually quite healing for eyes. I’m inclined to believe it because my eyes were really dry and blood-shot for weeks and then I happened to cut the strongest onion I’ve cut in a while. Although it burned so bad I could barely see through the tears when I was done chopping my eyes weren’t blood-shot any more and they haven’t bothered me since.

6 thoughts on “Tear Free Onion Chopping Tips

  1. I’ve also heard that having a slice of bread next to your cutting board while chopping the onions help. Thanks for your tips. Oh yes, I wanted to add that to get the onion smell off your hands….rub your hands on stainless steel. This DOES work. Isn’t that awesome….

  2. I’ve heard and tried that chewing while cutting an onion will help. pop some gum or just a chewy snack while cutting up your onion. it does help. also, don’t get emotionally attached to your onion.

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