Caesar Salad for Cheaters!

3 Oct

I love a garlic filled homemade Caesar salad! It complements pasta dishes perfectly. In my opinion and it is always the perfect pair when you have meat and bread and are wondering what else to make for supper. I don’t always prioritize making food from scratch. Just like everything else in life I pick my battles. If I’m having a house full of guests and I want everything to be perfect I will make everything from scratch. If I’m running late (I usually am) or if I’m so exhausted all I can do is collapse on the couch and watch Sponge Bob (don’t judge me) I want something fast and delicious but mostly fast. That’s where recipes like this one come in handy. There are only three ingredients to get you started and you can add from there.

Caesar salad

Romaine lettuce
Caesar salad dressing
Optional additions

Bacon bits
Chicken or steak
Parmesan cheese

I buy romaine lettuce hearts from the store in a three pack. This cuts down time because it stops you from having to sort through what’s good and what’s not. I just chop straight across and then wash after it’s cut. Crush one clove of garlic right over the lettuce in the bowl and then pour a however much salad dressing you like over top. Mix it with some tongs and there you go a refreshing meal in less that 5 minutes. You can always grate some fresh Parmesan cheese over top or sprinkle it depending how fancy you are feeling. I love the addition of mushrooms they compliment the flavors really well and of course croutons and bacon bits. The garlic really elevates it to a higher level than just salad dressing on lettuce. trust me if you do it this way once not only will you not go back but you will eat Caesar salad a little more often.

This is another one I learned from my grandma! It always makes me reminiscent of my childhood. She always topped hers off with the bright red artificial bacon bits. I loved it when I was a kid. I wouldn’t recommend those bacon bits now but the salad is a keeper!

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