recipes for youTo me a recipe is like a treasure map guiding a person to somewhere wonderful. Recipes hold within them stories of our ancestors and our history. At some point in time each of these recipes was used to show someone love, to nourish someone who felt sad or to celebrate a joyous occasion. When we cook using a shared recipe we connect with the past and bring a little bit of it into the future.

Consider the next time you cook a meal for someone; that you are sharing with them a little bit of who you are and where you are from. Use your food to heal, love and celebrate. Respect your food and where it came from. People work really hard so that the food you are eating can be on your plate. When ever possible eat real food that has been prepared with love. Use your food to nourish your body. Sharing a meal is the ultimate celebration of family, friendship and love. If you put your heart into it everything you create will sing.

I hope you enjoy my recipes and that they become as important to you as they have been to me.

Happy cooking!

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