Helpful Products for Baby

22 Jul
These are all of the things that I had to run out and get because I suddenly needed them. Hopefully they will help you be more prepared. Nursing pads and overnight pads. The thin pads really help sore nipples feel...
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Things to Expect after Labour

20 Jul
Swollen Feet: Alright, I’m sure there are a few things that should be prioritized on this list above this one. However this was the thing that I found the most upsetting. As labour approached I started getting really excited to...
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Garden Dill Salad!

19 Jul
I love this salad! Another recipe from my grandma’s era. I look forward to this one all year too. 1 Head of Fresh Garden Lettuce (any variety) 1 or 2 Fresh Garden Onions 1 or 2 Handfuls of Fresh Dill...
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Sweet Corn Bread!

18 Jul
Here is quite possibly the greatest corn bread recipe of all time! I get more requests for this one than anything else I cook. guaranteed if this corn bread is on the table the biscuits and baguette will be completely ignored until it’s...
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17 Jul
I really notice the difference between home-made pancakes and ones made out of a box. These have a much smoother, chewier texture than the kind you get in a restaurant and are definitely worth the little bit of extra effort.   1 Egg 1 Cup...
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